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It's as important to be a good teacher,  as it is to build a world-class program. Balancing the micro and the macro in academia requires strategic thinking, empathy and being a catalyst; which is the ability to bringing people and ideas together, recruiting good faculty and inspiring students to build an innovation culture that companies want to recruit from.




I have been part of the initial leadership team of the Master of Science in Strategic Design and Management program since its launch in 2012. The program brings together a multidisciplinary group in an experiential learning environment students aspiring to initiate and lead change in emerging fields: business professionals wishing to address business challenges through design, design practitioners seeking to acquire expertise in business and leadership, and entrepreneurs looking to develop transformative business propositions for an evolving global economy.

"In 4 years the program grew from 30 to over 250 students making it one of the largest and most popular graduate programs at the university. There is a majority of international students many of which are women. This inspires me to be a good example for future generations."

Check out what our alumni say about the program

The interdisciplinary program prepares a new generation of industry leaders for entrepreneurial and management positions in which they can apply leading theories in design and innovation. This program examines the essentials of design-led research, strategy, and systems thinking. Courses introduce students to product and service development, innovation, law, finance, ethics, value alignment, and sustainability. This interconnected approach to design and business is applicable across all industries.


I teach across undergraduate and graduate, online and onsite courses in the School of Design Strategies: both the Bachelors in Business Administration and Master of Science in Strategic Design. Additionally, for the BFA Integrative Design Program. The courses I have taught range from experiential project-based courses such as Capstone Studios Courses (1&2) and Portfolio Strategies, Design Research, Strategic Design Studio 1 + 2, to seminars in Strategic Design in New Economies, Managing Creative Projects + Teams and Marketing, and Creatives and Entrepreneurship. For me it's about reaching each student in a unique way, facilitating the journey, seeing the lightbulb go on and the confidence begin, passing along the baton to the next generation of change makers. Pedagogically I use experiential and project-based learning, case studies, peer to peer and inverted classrooms to create a dynamic learning environment.  

Below are samples of outputs we create in Studio 1, following our holistic design methodology for business innovation:

Challenge: Waste in Fashion System

Solution: Closed Systems + Awareness Campaigns

Challenge: Managing Fast Growth in New Industry

Solution: Building Sustainable Strategies

Challenge: Crowdsourcing Innovation at Scale

Solution: Customized Experiences for better retention


Founder Provocateur's Lecture series

I developed Provocateur's talks and panels to compliment the curriculum we developed for the MS SM program, bringing in iconic and avant-guarde thinkers and creatives impacting the global economy and forging new frontiers.

Guests Have Included:

  • Doblin's Ten Types of Innovation

  • Frog Tour and talk with Futurist Richard Tyson

  • Domestic Data Streamers, Tomorrow Lab

  • Narativ's Jerome Deroy

  • Soon Yu

  • The Future Hunters

  • Partner + Partner 

  • Ideo

Let’s face it, today it’s all about creating meaningful experiences. Frictionless journeys from the digital to the physical space, filled with thought-provoking, value-driven content that unites diverse communities across design, innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship and those in-between transforming opinions, building bridges and keeping them coming back for more.

Design Intelligence Conference 2016: The Future of Work

MS Strategic Design and Management Symposia 2012-17

The Parsons Festival is an annual series of art and design events in which cutting-edge student work is presented beyond the Parsons community to the public at large. The festival takes place at the end of each academic year and includes thesis exhibitions and critiques, thought-provoking public programs, interactive installations, gallery openings, workshops, and special events leading up to Commencement.

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