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Make our future is a global consulting cooperative dedicated to transitioning organizations to more sustainable and equitable practices.

Our Mission

At MakeOurFuture Cooperative, we have come together as people first, with shared beliefs, goals, ways of being, of working, and with a shared vision of how we’d like to hand over the responsibilities of caring for the world to our next generation.

Our Core Values

MakeOurFuture Cooperative is based on the values of democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. In the vision of the Founders, all Members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others. This is manifest in an adherence that all consulting activity, community education and investment directly related to SDGs or ESG metrics.

Our Approach

How can you scaffold the transition to more sustainable practices?
Transformation needs aspiration, experiences, and engagement.

DIGS is a strategic design firm with a multidisciplinary team creating experiences that connect people and product to places.


I founded Duchamp’s Irreverent Guiding Spirit, Inc. (better known by its trademark DIGS) in NYC’s Soho district during the early 1990’s as a luxury design house (wholesale + e-commerce) with collections pioneering sustainable production and business practices. Believing early on in what is known today as the triple bottom line profit assessment of PEOPLE-PLANET-PROFITS representing a healthy balance between social equity or fair-trade and environmental concerns.


Over the years as the economy shifted and, because of our past success,  we began consulting for fair-trade and NGO's around strategic design and today DIGS has transformed into a consultancy still committed to innovation and the same ideals.


DIGS cannot be confined by convention. Invested in the creative adventure, DIGS is archaeology of the soul. It is a celebration of self-reliance, integrity, sustainability and quality design.





There are many ways to reveal what people do and how they do it, we uncover the why.


DIGS specializes in design strategy and implementation. Our work spans the globe and sectors from tech startups, commercial ventures, established firms to nonprofits and NGOs. For more information go to our site.

What We Do














We’re on a mission for positive impact thru creative problem-solving. We see life as a sandbox, it’s here that we are constantly at play, digging for life’s buried treasures.


With a holistic approach to innovation, we balance human-centered design with business rationale, yielding innovative and sustainable growth for our clients and delightful experiences for your customers.

We use design research, business modelling, rapid prototyping, forecasting and many other established and experimental techniques then document and decipher human motivation to reveal opportunities. Every project starts with research, looking at marco ecosystems then digging down listening to individual journeys through stories and observation to unearth underlying motivations for why people do what they do. We analyze human behaviour to reframe the world, identify insights, redefine markets, uncover opportunities then develop innovative solutions in both the digital and physical worlds.


Our projects impact strategy, design, public policy, community engagement, partnership models and brands. We're as comfortable running projects in New York as we are in Zanzibar and anywhere in between.

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